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Young happy people laughing together - Multiracial friends group having fun on city street


If you're a Corporate Firm, Non-Profit Foundation or City, A Safer City 501c3 is your answer to your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.


A Safer City is on a mission to drive sustainable and inclusive growth across all of the communities in which we work and support, and to support our partners in doing the same. We have a deep and longstanding commitment to help advance and uplift communities that cannot help themselves. 


As a non-profit, we aim to introduce diverse solutions into our efforts to drive innovation and meet the changing needs of our communities.  Our one and only goal is to make all communities safe so that they can also have a rewarding and prosperous experience for themselves and their families.  It takes a village!

Free Security or Police Patrols 

Communities, Schools, Residential Areas

ASC (A Safer City) will provide temporary security (or police) patrols to those that quality to help reduce crime.

Video Monitoring Technology & Analytics

Schools, Churches, Communities

Through our security partner, HPG, we will have the ability to offer security camera monitoring towers for police or security responses and monitoring. 

Social and Education Awareness/Assistance 

Neighborhoods, Schools, Colleges

Through our other partners we will be able to assists other non-profits with a focus of mental wellness and homelessness.  We will also be able to offer cyber training, education and exposure to our next generation.


A Safer City cannot do it all alone, as it will take a village to make true intentional impact within our communities.  We are a dedicated team of socially focused leaders and entrepreneurs who are fully committed to this journey, together!

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