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How We 

Making A Difference.  One Community At A Time.



In response to high crime rates in underserved Atlanta neighborhoods, we engaged directly with residents to identify their pressing concerns. We discovered a need for essential security measures, including patrols and police presence.

Determined to make a difference, we initiated a free, Hawque-funded security patrol program. By leveraging media outreach, we rallied support for this cause.

Over two months of intense weekend patrols, we tackled various threats, from deterring break-ins to alerting law enforcement about potential criminal activities. This hands-on experience informed our approach.

Through our pilot program, SafeATL, we established vital connections with the community's city council and law enforcement leaders. Additionally, we played a pivotal role in establishing their first organized HOA.

Our efforts yielded remarkable results. Crime rates dropped by over 75%, and the newly empowered HOA Board now spearheads its initiatives.


"Now, a group of families is getting behind an idea to make the “rent-a-cop” strategy available to less prosperous neighbors.  The effort is called Safe Atlanta (Safe City Worldwide Inc.), which is a newly formed 501c3.


Businesses, foundations, and non-profits are being asked to fund the initiative. The backers say they already have some pledges and more information will be available soon to tell residents how they can sign up." Learn More.


Here's how we aid communities to stay protected!

  • Get a call or message

  • Assess the environment

  • Liaise with local law enforcement leaders

  • Collaborate with businesses or non-profits and locals

  • Volunteer a patrol workforce

  • Evaluate the impact.

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