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We act as the bridge to a safe, habitable, and crime-free community where people can have their daily lives without fear, risk of harm or injury.


Our experts work diligently to ensure a more resilient and safe community. Our activities include performing risk threat assessments and installing security cameras with AI software for relevant crime detection. 

We collaborate with local police, our security partners worldwide, and technology expert advisors and providers to fill the gaps in any large metropolitan city. We love what we do as we are a team of social entrepreneurs. Let's talk about how we can help your community.

Community Security Patrols

Community Video Monitoring Systems

Community Cyber Education

Through donations, Safer City can provide security (or police) patrols to neighborhoods or communities to help deter crime.

Our vendor partner will enable us to provide camera monitoring towers to places that require additional surveillance and support. 

A section of our team who are experts in cyber technology and data analytics will provide education and awareness training to kids within the communities we support.

Mental Wellness Assistance

With our non-profit partners, we can assist people impacted by mental wellness challenges within our communities. 

Homeless Assistance

 Collaborating with our non-profit partners, we can assist people affected by shelter problems within our supporting communities.

College Scholorships

Safer City is very excited to offer scholarships to our next generation within communities that have been overrun by crime.


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Protect your neighborhood and people!

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